With a name like ours, we just had to do PRANKS!

Some of the services we offer are:

Flocking a yard with pink flamingos


*Mileage fee assessed beyond our free 10 mile radius of downtown Pittsburgh

*The amount of flamingos depends on the size of the yard and the maximum

amount is 50 flamingos

*Please be sure your recipient has a good sense of humor and that they would

be okay with you doing this. Missing or broken flamingos or rods will be

charged to your credit card at $5.00/flamingo and $3.00 per rod

Raffling off someone's car while they are out shopping


*This is a unique prank that includes your help and participation. You would

accompany the recipient to the location, go in to the store with them, and come

out with them to find us raffling off the victim's car (obviously only to them).

You would be required to play along and the cost includes a 30 minute wait time.

You will need to be back out at the vehicle within 30 minutes of arriving. We will

explain to the recipient that we are raffling off the vehicle and that they can win

the vehicle for only a $20 donation! Once we have a little fun, we will let them

off the hook and tell them they've been JACKED! 

Being a disgruntled customer


*We will show up at the recipient's place of employment and give 

them a few moments of grief, eventually letting them off the hook and

telling them they've been JACKED!

You must clear this before hand with management or security

Filling an office or vehicle with balloons

*The amount of the prank depends on the size of the office or vehicle, amount of balloons, and location. We will give you an idea of how many balloons it will take to do the job or you can tell us how many you want. We will show up at the office or location of the

vehicle  with the balloons and you will place the balloons.

We will not open any vehicle due to liability reasons

**** If you have an idea of a prank you would like us to pull on someone, let us know and we will do our best to pull it off!