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All About Us!

Wacky Jack Entertainment originally started as Wacky Jack's Singing Telegrams back in 2008 in Beckley, West Virginia.  The company owner, who worked for a local Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania singing telegram company called Eastern Onion in the early 90's, decided to use that experience to offer people the same great classic gift idea with a modern twist and more affordable price. 

Our mission was to bring the "once popular" gift back to life and we have done just that. From day #1, our company took off in the Coal Mine area and grew so fast that it was moved to Pittsburgh a year later in 2009 where it had more room for growth and is now headquartered. We created a huge buzz, receiving the Best of The Burgh award in 2010 by Pittsburgh Magazine for Best Singing Telegrams, an award that no other singing telegram company in Pittsburgh has ever been chosen for and we are extremely proud of that. We are also a full service Balloon company, delivering the best balloons at the lowest price in and around the Pittsburgh area. 

We are currently expanding across the country and are on target to be one of the largest Singing Telegram and Balloon companies in the entire nation in the very near future. Once we have attained that status, we will begin expansion into other countries, hiring Entertainers to perform our singing telegrams in their own native languages and deliver our balloons. 


 We are currently in the process of creating the first TV reality show in Pittsburgh, called "Gotcha" where unsuspecting victims are "pranked" or in our case "jacked" and their reactions captured on film. Much like the classic show, Candid Camera, Gotcha will be family friendly and able to be viewed by the whole family.

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